Quality, Occupational Health, Safety and Envıronment Policy
Our firm, in the course of performing all kinds of infrastructure, superstructure and contracting activities, carried out the policy;

  • To determine the Safety, Occupational Health and Environment-related hazards and their effects, emerging as a result of our activities,
  • To eliminate or minimize the losses that these harmful effects cause to human and environment,
  • Minimizing the pollution caused by the resulting waste and take measures to prevent pollution,
  • To follow-up closely and delicately the related hazards and take measures to minimize them, in order to prevent occupational diseases, business and environmental accidents,
  • To ensure the continuity of the training of our staff on quality, safety and environmental management systems. To increase their awareness on related issues and to encourage participation and teamwork. In doing so to contribute to the formation of this consciousness among the customers, suppliers and related parties,
  • To ensure the continuous improvement of systems by maintaining awareness, participation, unity of purpose and effective controls,
  • To carry on its activities with the purpose of leaving a healty, livable environment for the future generations without letting them forget the nature.